June 2010
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Moxa's NPort® A series uses 20% fewer components and 50% less power compared to existing solutions. The NPort® is the world's only device server with power consumption under 1 watt.


Rcore Community members are cordially invited to join our iPad contest. Simply complete the Rcore satisfaction survey for a chance to win an Apple iPad with 16 GB and Wifi. Not a member yet? Become one! Membership is free.

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Smart Grids are more responsive and adaptable because they decentralize information gathering and decision making to the substation level. Discover how Moxa can help you create reliable IEC 61850-based automated substation and distribution systems.


Moxa is your comprehensive one-stop shop for industrial Ethernet solutions. This industrial Ethernet brochure provides detailed and comprehensive industrial Ethernet solutions for many different applications.


Upgrade your train and rail infrastructure operations and maintenance with proven wireless LAN technologies. Click to view our customer guide , which covers track-side, station, inter-carriage, and train-to-ground applications.


Moxa's ioLogik EMS products are designed to monitor environmental conditions in small scale data centers and unmanned facilities. ioLogik features many different analog and digital modules, and can actively send out alarms in various formats, including email, SMS, CGI command, and SNMP trap.

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