July 2010
Moxa Spotlight
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Use a single compact box to replace a variety of front-end communications devices. The VPort 704 is an industrial multi-service gateway bundle with 4 modular slots. This efficient, innovative gateway can be used with a flexible combination of devices.


The IA3341 RISC embedded computer uses integration, acceleration, and cost-effectiveness to deliver a better and smarter industrial solution, particularly for solar applications. Learn more about the IA3341 now.


Use Moxa's sample code programming guide to reduce development time and costs. Sample code is available for a wide range of embedded scenarios, such as serial-to-Ethernet, serial-to-serial, MODBUS, TCP, RTU, and ASCII.


With SNMP support, Moxa's ioLogik devices can easily manage all of the Ethernet devices used in environmental monitoring, such as switches, routers, and I/O servers, in a network management system.


Get answers to commonly asked questions about crane automation and wireless technology in this convenient FAQ, where you will discover how to create durable communications links, overcome environmental obstacles, and do it all cost-effectively.


The new NPort® A series device servers integrate low power consumption, easy deployment, and electronic noise immunity into a compact serial-to-Ethernet architecture, making it far superior to other products in meeting the evolving demands on device servers.

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