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» Let the SCADA Surveillance Brochure guide you in harnessing the advantages of integrated SCADA video surveillance.
» The Oil and Gas Brochure explores industry-specific networking requirements and solutions in oil and gas facilities.
» The Advanced Device Server technology in the NPort® A series includes greater efficiency, reliability, and ease-of-use.
Moxa's PoE Plus industrial Ethernet switches provide up to 30 W of power, perfect for power-hungry PoE-enabled devices such as PTZ cameras and long distance wireless access points. Moxa’s complete suite of managed switches, unmanaged switches, and PoE injectors offer flexible choices when deploying industrial PoE+ solutions.   Extend the reach of your network of serial and Ethernet devices with TCP/IP cellular connectivity. Moxa’s cellular IP gateways allow local devices to communicate directly with the host PC using TCP/IP and includes time-saving OnCell technology that simplifies access to remote devices connected to a private network.
Ensure reliable railway performance with Moxa’s EN50155-certified 1.6 GHz Atom embedded computers. These rugged machines can withstand vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures. The V2406 and V2426 feature M12 and EN50155, and the V2422 rounds out the portfolio with e Mark certification for vehicular applications.   Share your success story with us and win a free iPhone 4! Are you a customer of Moxa’s embedded computing products? Have you ever used Moxa embedded computers in any of your industrial applications? We want to hear your stories, and you might even win a free iPhone in our Moxa Embedded Application Essay Contest!