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23- 25 November 2010
Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany
Booth No.: 9- 211
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» Find out how to identify the ideal solution in our choosing rolling stock computers white paper.
» The thermal design white paper explains how to overcome thermodynamic performance limitations.
» Learn how to harness the competitive advantages of open-source technology in our using Linux in industrial automation white paper.
» Without flow control, serial communication links often experience data loss. Learn how to prevent it in our free tutorial.
Get the latest on thermal design technology! Moxa's EN50155 event site lets you take a peek at the design innovations that empowered Moxa's embedded computers to pass EN50155. Visit the site and download our rolling stock white paper to guide your selection of rolling stock embedded computers.   Linux is an excellent platform for data acquisition because it is open-source, reliable, stable, and secure. Moxa's free MXIO API library is a valuable resource that makes Linux development effortless. Use MXIO library to turbocharge the development of your Linux application.
Get reliable, consistent connectivity with GuaranLink, an exclusive Moxa OnCell technology. For sensitive applications that need a network link they can count on, GuaranLink keeps your wireless connection alive to deliver uninterrupted on-demand cellular communication with zero data loss.   MXview iNMS now supports up to 1000 nodes! Two-layer topology maps, OPC 2.0 compliance, and SNMP inform support have also been added to the latest update. Check out all the improvements and get started with industrial network management software by downloading a free trial today.