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Embedded World 2011

1-3 March 2011
Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany
Booth No.: Halle 9 / 9-429

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» Stop troubleshooting in the dark and find out how iNMS has changed the game for managing complex industrial networks.
» Get a glimpse of commonly used timekeeping protocols and how the IEEE 1588v2 precision time protocol (PTP) can benefit your industrial network.
» Learn how new wireless data technologies can be applied towards advanced train communications systems for improved bandwidth, response time, and reliability.
The ioLogik E1200 remote Ethernet I/O series has gained a powerful new peer-to-peer communications technology that enables reproduction of I/O signals and extended data transmissions over Ethernet.   The DA-683 excels in power automation and power substation applications thanks to IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613, and IEEE 1588 version 2 support.
Moxa endeavors to provide top quality marine-grade type-approved products that meet and exceed marine standards for advanced marine applications. Discover how Moxa's core technologies and innovative products can make your advanced marine applications a reality.   Moxa’s railway solutions create high availability network infrastructures. Industrial Ethernet-based communications networks unlock new services, such as Passenger Entertainment Systems, that improve passenger comfort and enhance train operations. Check out the Railway Automation site for details.