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» Is Troubleshooting getting you down? Learn how to troubleshoot an epoll API that is always returnng incorrect values.
» Moxa¡¦s cutting-edge 3G cellular RTU solutions¡X the ioLogik W5300 series. Moxa's solutions help you to monitor remote sites with ease.
» Your Trusted Serial Partner: See Moxa's Long-term Commitments to You
» Download Moxa¡¦s 24-page 2011 industrial Ethernet brochure covering comprehensive Edge-to-Core industrial Ethernet solutions
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24-27 May 2011
Oslo, Norway
Booth No.:  B05-21

Railtex 2011
14-16 June 2011
London, UK
Booth No.:  C37


Moxa's new renewable website includes the most up-to-date and exclusive information on renewable energy systems, including news and events, product information, and key technologies. This smart energy website provides an integrated and single portal for customers who are looking for renewable energy solutions. Begin your renewable energy success story now!   The V2416 EN 50155-certified x86-based Atom embedded computer supports hot swapping for convenient, fast, and easy storage expansion. The innovative programmable LEDs indicate the storage capacity status as well as the computer's status. Moreover, an API Library simplifies deployment and makes it easy to configure storage capacity email notifications.
Moxa's new AWK-3131 includes advanced technology and standards such as MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output) and 40 MHz channels to creates WLAN networks with higher data throughput, greater range, and increased reliability.

Sign up now for your chance to win a Nintendo 3DS. Moxa is committed to being your long-term trusted serial partner and to providing serial customers with the best service available. Click to join this limited time drawing, and learn more about how we provide the best serial product availability and driver/OS support available.