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Control room switches shouldnˇ¦t be the weak link of an industrial network. Moxaˇ¦s rackmount switches replace commercial switches to expand industrial-grade reliability to include control rooms. Check out our new site to see a side-by-side comparison of how Moxa's rackmount switches stack up against conventional commercial solutions.   The new AWK-1121/1127 is designed specifically to deliver exactly what is needed in a dedicated WLAN client: seamless IEEE 802.11a/b/g connectivity, compact dimensions, and high cost-effectiveness. It excels in AGV and eBus applications thanks to handoff times under 100 ms (client-based Turbo Roaming) and wide operating temperature range (-40 to 75˘XC).
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Advanced IP technology is revolutionizing video surveillance and unlocking transformative new features, such as intelligent video analysis, real-time event triggers, and greater SCADA integration. Watch Moxaˇ¦s IP video showcase for a look at the cutting edge in IP video surveillance technology and a walkthrough of Moxaˇ¦s IP video portfolio.
Moxa is shifting the focus of the Rcore Community from a resource service into a comprehensive Rcore technology forum for industry professionals. In the Rcore Forum, software engineers and other experts can get their problems solved by freely calling upon the shared insight and experience of the entire Rcore community. Come join the discussion!