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»  Master the power of network convergence with the industrial Ethernet solutions brochure
» Moxa’s serial communication utility simplifies COM port development
»  A video and white paper explain how Moxa’s C/C++ RTU makes programming easy
» Discover Moxa’s full line of solar power products in our latest brochure
» The handy Lens and FOV calculators determine the field of view or lens size to use with surveillance cameras


Moxa plugs in power and data with a full range of industrial PoE switches, injectors, splitters, and media converters, as well as powered devices including IP cameras and wireless access points. Peruse the Moxa PoE buyer guide to compare a wide range of different PoE solutions side-by-side. Moxa¡¦s broad, comprehensive portfolio of PoE solutions enables many different network configurations and physical designs.   Watch this video for a real-world field test of fast Turbo Roaming technology. The AWK-1121 and all of Moxa¡¦s other wireless devices can roam between access points at millisecond-level speed, empowering them to excel in fast-paced and latency-sensitive applications. With Turbo Roaming, roaming handoffs are so fast that network operations are effectively uninterrupted.
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Overwhelmed by the complexities of embedded module integration? Moxa¡¦s MiiNePort embedded device servers offer advanced design and innovative technology for many applications with faster time-to-market. As an added incentive, the MiiNePort W1 starter kits are 50% off for a limited time. Order now to get your starter kit and start development with MiiNePort.
The VPort 36-1MP is a milestone in IP video surveillance: it is the first IP camera in the world able to operate in a -40 to 75¢XC temperature range without relying on a heater or fan. Because it does not rely on external heating or cooling that can fail or malfunction, the VPort 36 dramatically improves the reliability and maintenance workload of IP surveillance systems.