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Can commercial switches really deliver enough reliability for industrial control rooms? Watch this video to see industrial and commercial switched compared side-by-side against several key industrial challenges. The difference between commercial-grade and industrial-grade performance will quickly become obvious.   Enabling smart connectivity is easy with Moxa¡¦s industrial Ethernet gateway solutions, which are intelligent enough to create reliable and seamless fieldbus-to-Ethernet communications with high-grade routing services by supporting innovative patented technologies for quick installation, optimal deployment, and easy troubleshooting.
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Conventional data communications solutions aren't always a good fit for railway applications. To bridge this gap, Moxa's EN 50155 RTUs and Ethernet remote I/Os are built to excel in data acquisition and condition monitoring for railway systems. These railway-optimized solutions reduce service downtime and maintenance costs.
The UC-8481 is a compact wireless RISC computer with strong routing capabilities. Featuring GPS, HSPA+ cellular and 802.11, independent power trips on its cellular modules, and high thermal tolerance, the UC-8481 is ideal for managing wireless connections for cross-operator applications such as those found on rolling stock and other vehicular environments.