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» Optimize pipeline configuration and maintenance efficiency with our cellular RTU white paper


Watch these how-to demo videos to learn how to use all of the convenient new functions in the just-released version 2.2 of MXview industrial network management software, including intuitive PoE visualization, rich third-party device integration though SNMP/MIB support, and advanced network availability and inventory report functions.   Over 300 power substation facilities around the world use Moxa¡¦s networking and computing solutions. Download our reference book to explore the complete details of six in-depth substation success stories that demonstrate how Moxa¡¦s solutions help operators overcome critical automation issues in the electric power industry.
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Save 50% off on the MiiNePort W1 starter kits during this last month of our promotional offer to evaluate the MiiNePort W1, a serial to IEEE 802.11 b/g wireless module with fast roaming and low power consumption at a mere 1.18W. Embed the MiiNePort W1 to network-enable your device with reliable wireless connectivity to meet growing industry demand.
The MD-124 Series is a rugged ECDIS display designed for high performance in unforgiving maritime environments. A 24-inch LCD panel with full HD (1920 x 1080), the MD-124 can also come with full range dimming, optical bonding, or wide angle viewing features, making it perfect for any marine computing environment, indoors or out.