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For hard-to-wire mining communication requirements, Moxa¡¦s AWK series offers wireless industrial grade network reliability to ensure maximum mining efficiency, millisecond-level Turbo Roaming, and intrinsic safety designs to provide operational safety. The AWK AP/bridge/client WLAN devices are also available with dual RF capabilities for redundancy.   Learn how Moxa's SNMP solutions can be easily integrated with existing network management systems to monitor unmanned telecommunication facilities and ensure safety. Moxa¡¦s SNMP solutions can be used to monitor environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, airflow, and smoke, as well as intrusion and UPS devices at remote sites.
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Outdoor network devices need both power and bandwidth to operate in harsh environments. The INJ-24A injector combines the convenience of PoE, 60W of power, and Gigabit bandwidth to excel in extreme outdoor conditions. Protection against power/LAN surges and at-a-glance PoE status LEDs complete the package for industrial PoE applications.
The RNAS-1200 Series is a line of rugged network-attached storage devices that advance industrial-grade durability to the network¡¦s innermost core. With software and hardware protections against extreme cold and heat, strong vibration, and OS corruption, these PoE+ devices provide industrial engineers a reliable alternative for network storage in harsh industrial environments.