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»  Download a white paper on requirements for rail IP CCTV systems
»  Read the marine oil spill detection system technical case study
»  Download a white paper about engineering one computing platform for all train types
»  Download a white paper about optimizing PLC performance and management
»  Download a white paper describing how to extend Ethernet over standard 2-wire copper


Read actual case studies about how Moxa's optimized industrial Ethernet solutions make it easy to converge complex automation networks.   See how Moxa¡¦s PROFINET-to-PROFIBUS gateways can leverage IT knowledge to optimize the performance of automation networks.
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Build powerful new tools for monitoring, network diagnosis, and device control by configuring SNMP for automated software re-writes and rescues.
Moxa is integrating electrical substation IT automation using both MMS (Manufacturing Messaging Specification) and SNMP.