June 2015
Dear Automation Professional,

Connectivity has always been Moxa's bread and butter, and connectivity has never been more important. As the world becomes more connected, industry has also been empowered to use data to become more productive, more efficient, and more dynamic. At the same time, this has made reliable access to that data critical. This month in Moxa Spotlight, we look at some of Moxa's cutting-edge connectivity solutions for your data connectivity challenges.
Modbus devices shouldn't be a pain to integrate in your network. Download our FAQ on how to smoothly and easily add Modbus conversion to your system.
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As more and more "things" are added to the Industrial Internet of Things, it becomes even more important to securely and efficiently deliver the data from devices.
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For applications that are very remote, very mobile, or both, Moxa has a solution that stays seamlessly connected when switching between 802.11n and HSPA communication.
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Smart networks need smart PoE - POE techology which gives you the tools to power a diverse array of devices while being easy to manage and troubleshoot.
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White Paper
Ensure Nonstop IP Surveillance with Optimized Industrial Ethernet Networks
Seamless Wi-Fi to Cellular Switchover Application Flyer
Building Small Scale IP CCTV Solutions for Enterprises
TN-5508A-PoE Series
EN 50155 8-port managed Ethernet switches, up to 8 PoE ports
TN-5510A-8PoE Series
EN 50155 8+2G-port Gigabit Ethernet switches, up to 8 PoE ports
TN-5510A-8PoE-2GLSX-ODC Series
EN 50155 8+2G-port Q-ODC® managed Ethernet switches, up to 8 PoE ports
OnCell G3470A-LTE Series
Industrial LTE cellular gateway
AWK-1131A-T Series
Industrial IEEE 802.11n wireless AP/client, -40 to 75°C
WDR-3124A Series
Industrial 802.11n/HSPA wireless router
V2406A Series
Compact, fanless, anti-vibration railway computers
V2416A Series
Compact, fanless, anti-vibration railway computers
V2426A Series
Compact, fanless, anti-vibration railway computer
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