July 2015
Dear Automation Professional,

Professional engineers are fond of saying that a system can be "fast, reliable, and cheap - pick any two." At Moxa, our philosophy is that deployed correctly, new technology should be transformative in a way that simultaneously makes a system easier and faster to use, more reliable, and even more affordable from the perspective of total cost of ownership. This month, we look at how some industrial technologies, such as wireless communications, can be implemented in a way that does not force the operators to compromise between speed of operation, reliability, and cost.
The Industrial Internet of Things is unlocking enormous efficiency and potential. Find out how to build a solid foundation of network connectivity that will keep you ahead of the curve.
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The digital oilfield of the future increases production and reduces downtime. Discover how the right wireless technology transmits and collects mission-critical data for oilfields.
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What separates an industrial IP camera from the rest? Our white paper identifies why industrial-grade perform better than their conventional counterparts in the toughest applications.
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The future of automation will require both wired and wireless machines to communicate with each other. To succeed, these wireless connections need to be just as reliable as hardwired connections.
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White Paper
Ensure Nonstop IP Surveillance with Optimized Industrial Ethernet Networks
Seamless Wi-Fi to Cellular Switchover Application Flyer
Building Small Scale IP CCTV Solutions for Enterprises
AWK-3131A Series
Industrial IEEE 802.11n wireless AP/bridge/client
WDR-3124A Series
Industrial 802.11n/HSPA wireless router
DA-820 Series
IEC 61850 native PRP/HSR computer
UC-8100 Series Starter Kit
Wireless computer and data acquisition evaluation package
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