August 2015
Dear Automation Professional,

Industrial engineers and integrators already face enough challenges from the exacting requirements and tough conditions they must operate in. Network technology should be making your life easier, not more difficult. This month Spotlight looks at some of the new tools, technologies, and guides from Moxa to do just that.
Network issues don't always wait for you to be in the control room. With Moxa's network management mobile app, you can carry stay in control wherever you go.
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The more devices are added to the Internet of Things, the smarter it becomes - and the more data requirements grow. Moxa's smart cellular I/O keeps data flowing.
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Many of the "Things" in the Internet of Things are serial devices. Read our FAQ on how to set operation modes on serial device servers to smoothly connect them all.
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For tough conditions, you need a tougher industrial computer. Find out how Moxa's industrial computers are designed from the bottom up to last in the toughest environments.
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Wireless networks are more fragile than wired networks due to electromagnetic interference. Learn how to choose the right wireless devices for factory automation.
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Aerolink Protection: Redundancy and Backup for Wireless Links
White Paper
Redundant Wireless Bridges: Reliability of Wired with Cost Savings of Wireless
Frequently Asked Questions About Modbus Conversion
Industrial multi-radio mobile access and applications router
MXstudio v2.2
Industrial network management suite for installation, operation, maintenance, and diagnostics
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