September 2015
Dear Automation Professional,

System integration for industry can sometimes feel like a series of compromises - a race against time to achieve the right balance of cost, and reliability, and features. There's no magic wand that will immediately give your users everything they want, but Moxa is here with multi-capable solutions that do more and compromise less than you might have thought possible.
Learn how to match your PRP/HSR system to the right architecture upgrade in order to achieve complete system redundancy at a fraction of the cost.
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Moxa's EN 50155 onboard train surveillance solutions work are proven to work in motion and at rest, hot or cold, vibrating or still, and in light or dark conditions.
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With complete 360° visibility watching your back, Moxa's industrial PTZ cameras prove that systems can be both highly hardened and full-featured.
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There are common risks in industrial environments that threaten to disrupt wireless communications. Here are the key factors to consider in order to avoid them.
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