March 2016
Dear Automation Professional,

Connectivity is not just for machines. Moxa builds connectivity solutions that connect different devices, systems, technologies and ultimately even people: whether by creating bridges between different industries, or by giving operators and integrators easy-to-use tools to cross over any "knowledge gaps" that might be a hurdle to adopting new technologies. At Moxa, we want to help you connect - to your data, to your systems, and to the exciting future of intelligent industry.
More than just a product listing, Moxa's 2016 catalog includes application diagrams, selection guides, and more to connect your industrial Internet of Things.
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Our new whitepaper describes each of the five critical elements of uninterrupted wall-to-wall connectivity for mobile systems such as AS/RS and AGV.
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Setting and managing the slave IDs of a large number of serial devices can be a huge headache. Moxa has a solution to cut through the hassle and automate the process.
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Moxa's touchscreens and panel computers are at home in the toughest environments and can be easily operated in harsh conditions by users wearing industrial gloves.
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Moxa's IT-friendly SNMP Smart I/O streamlines the process of building up large-scale I/O networks, such as in smart factories, on conventional IT networks.
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IEC 61850 Substation Guidebook to Building or Retrofitting Substations
The Three Main Challenges of Creating Modern Smart Oil Fields
Industrial IoT Computing Platforms with Integrated Data Acquisition

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