April 2016
Dear Automation Professional,

This month, we walk through some of the crucial topics in building the Industrial IoT. There's the critical first step of getting all the "Things" connected. Then there's the essential smart computing that will transform all of the newly-acquired data into useful intelligence. And finally, everything must rely on the network infrastructure that is now entrusted with more critical applications than ever before. Moxa has proven solutions for this and all your other industrial automation needs.
The Industrial IoT begins with getting the "Things" connected to the Internet. Call on Moxa's connectivity expertise to help you take these crucial first steps.
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Just connecting devices isn't enough to make them smart. Computing solutions from Moxa make it easy to turn raw data into valuable business information.
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With the Industrial IoT, your network is more critical than ever before. Moxa's solutions create reliable and robust infrastructures to build smart networks on.

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Even existing substations can employ the latest operational best practices. Our guide to substation retrofits shows how to make the most out of older facilities.
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When the network must be both long-range and high-speed, Moxa's Gigabit media converters get all of your data to its destination quickly and over long distances.

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