May 2016
Dear Automation Professional,

We think it's important that networking and communications becomes easier for industry, not only to reduce workload, but also to actually make systems more effective. A system where operators can get a complete status update on their mobile devices is more effective than one where they are stuck in the control room, and an organization with a clear understanding of their IIoT technological needs is one that will build more capable and reliable industrial networks. This month we look at some of the many ways Moxa wants to make your life easier.
The correct infrastructure needs to be in place before your network is ready for the IIoT. Check out five important questions to ask before deploying the IIoT.
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Easily configurable control logic combines with cellular I/O to create a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts, ensuring data integrity for data acquisition systems.
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MXview industrial Network Management software and the MXview ToGo mobile app gives instant visibility of the entire network over mobile phones, untethering you from the control center.
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Moxa's integrated networking, computing, and automation solutions have been field-tested in hazardous oil and gas production environments around the world.
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Your equipment will stay on the move with uninterrupted wireless connections providing seamless mobile communications in industrial environments such as smart factories.
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Always on the Move — Factory Wireless Success Cases
Substation Networks in Power Transmission and Distribution Systems
Challenges of Networking the Smart Oil Field

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