September 2016

Dear Automation Professional,

In any project, it's always important to remember to step back and look at the big picture. Instead of constantly solving day-to-day problems, making the right choices from the outset can prevent problems from arising in the first place. This month we turn our Spotlight on some Moxa solutions that were designed from this mindset: tools and solutions that have been optimized to avoid hidden costs, streamline regular tasks, and overcome the most common challenges of industrial automation applications.
Learn how to lower the total cost of ownership for networking projects by identifying the hidden installation, operational, and maintenance costs of industrial networks.
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Get Moxa's all-in-one gateway, which speaks every language your DNP3 project needs to make deployment faster, easier, and more efficient.
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Moxa's DIN-rail computers are powerful, robust, and compact to excel in your industrial automation applications such as factory automation, marine, or oil and gas.
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The ioLogik E1200 smart remote I/O is getting even better with a free EtherNet/IO upgrade, making it more powerful and better able to support devices anywhere in the world.
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Use advanced operation modes on NPort serial device servers to quickly connect serial devices into industrial IoT applications, without complicated software development
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IP Cameras in the Challenging Light Conditions of Rolling Stock
How to Connect the ioLogik E1200 to an Allen-Bradley PLC
Cutting-Edge Network Infrastructure Applications
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