NE-4100-ST Series

Starter Kits for NE-4100T, NE-4110S/A, NE-4120S/A

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The MOXA NE-4100 Series of Network Enablers come in 3 types: drop-in type (NE-4100T), RJ45 type (NE-4110S/A), and pin-header type (NE-4120S/A). MOXA provides a Starter Kit for each NE-4100 series module. Each Starter Kit contains an evaluation board that can be used to evaluate the modules and develop applications. The following table lists the model names of all NE-4100 Series modules, along with the model names of the corresponding Starter Kits.

 Starter Kit Model Names

NE-4100 Series Model Names









The NE-4100-ST Series of Starter Kits do NOT include a module. To do testing and development, you will also need to purchase at least one NE-4100 Series embedded module. See "Ordering Information" below for a full list of the package contents. 

NE-4100 Applications

1. Industrial Automation (PLC, metering devices)
2. Medical/Healthcare (ECG, ultrasonic monitoring, blood testing devices)
3. Building Automation (HVAC, fire alarms)
4. Security/Surveillance (card readers, biometric identification devices)
5. Information Appliances (UPS monitor modules)

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Available Models

  Model No. Description
NE-4100-ST Starter Kit for NE-4100T, NE-4100T-P
NE-4110-ST Starter Kit for NE-4110S, NE-4110A, NE-4110S-P, NE-4110A-P
NE-4120-ST Starter Kit for NE-4120S, NE-4120A, NE-4120S-P, NE-4120A-P

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