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ThingsPro® Suite

IIoT Gateway and Device Management Software Solution

Features and Benefits

  • Acquire data from edge to cloud efficiently and easily   ThingsPro IIoT gateway starter kit
  • Enable edge intelligence for a smarter Industrial IoT field site
  • Manage and access your assets anywhere, anytime
  • ThingsPro Gateway: An intelligent Industrial IoT gateway platform
  • ThingsPro Server: A centralized device management platform



To help you accelerate development of your industrial IoT applications and create a smarter field site, Moxa’s ThingsPro software solution offers two versatile software packages: ThingsPro Gateway, an intelligent industrial IoT gateway, and ThingsPro Server, a centralized device management platform. ThingsPro enables Modbus connectivity for data acquisition and processing, MQTT support for lightweight edge-to-core data transmission, a wireless manager for wireless networking configuration, and device management. Configuration just takes a few steps, allowing you to focus on your applications instead of complex integrations.

ThingsPro helps you handle the complexity and diversity that comes from combining information technology and operational technology for industrial IoT applications by offering a high-level Modbus APIs in C and Python, as well as a modern RESTful APIs for you to easily develop software applications to extend or enhance the capabilities of Moxa’s Industrial IoT gateway.

ThingsPro provides smart data acquisition, rapid development, and easy management, and is specially designed to accelerate your Industrial IoT development by simplifying deployment, helping you create a smarter field site. 


ThingsPro Gateway: Intelligent Industrial IoT Gateway 

  • Modbus polling engine with easy-to-use web-based UI for data acquisition from end devices in an industrial automation field site
  • Supports the MQTT IoT protocol to connect fieldbus data to your cloud-based IoT applications
  • Built-in IoT client for popular PaaS (Platform as a Service) providers to accelerate your IoT application development, currently supports AWS IoT and Azure IoT Hub (only available in ThingsPro V2.3 and above).
  • Built-in client/SDK support for online SCADA service, currently supports Sparkplug for the Ignition platform, and Wonderware Online (only available in ThingsPro V2.3 and above).
  • Wireless manager handles the task of connecting your field devices to a wide area network (WAN)
  • RESTful API and Modbus API for access to all the software functions of ThingsPro Gateway


Eligible Devices
ThingsPro Gateway supports the following devices by default:

 Note: ThingsPro Gateway supports the listed firmware versions or higher. Only Linux Debian is supported.
E.g., the MC-1100 Series supports only Linux Debian 8. Additional series/models will be supported
as the ThingsPro Gateway is updated. Check Moxa’s website for the most up-to-date information.


ThingsPro Server: Device Management Platform

  • Locate and access your devices using a map view for easy management
  • Remotely perform management tasks such as firmware upgrades, configuration changes, and user-program uploads
  • Management tasks can be run on demand or according to a schedule for better utilization
  • Account management tool provides role-based access control





ThingsPro Server can be deployed on an AWS (Amazon Web Service) EC2 Instance. Please contact your regional sales representative for details. 

Note: For more information about ThingsPro Server, please contact your regional sales representative.


(*The ThingsPro logo and ThingsPro are registered trademarks of Moxa Inc.)

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Application Guidebook

IIoT Gateway Application Guidebook


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Available Models

  Model No. Description
ThingsPro-GW ThingsPro Gateway software with a term license that enables use with eligible ThingsPro devices

Accelerate OT-IT Integration in Your IIoT with ThingsPro® Suite

Watch this video to learn how Moxa’s ThingsPro Suite can help you simplify your large-scale IIoT deployments.

To learn more about the ThingsPro Suite, visit https://www.moxa.com/Event/industrial-computers/thingspro-data-acquisition-device-management-platform/index.htm

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