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RMA Instructions
Obtaining an RMA number
  • When filling out the request form, please provide complete contact information as well as detailed descriptions of the item malfunction. It is not sufficient to state that the item "does not work".
  • If you are uncertain about the cause of the problem, please contact a technical support engineer at Moxa. The engineer may be able to resolve your issue without requiring you to send your product in for repair.
Returning the product for repair
  • Please send only the device itself and do not include any accessories such as manuals, cables, etc. If you believe the accessories may be part of the problem and wish to include them, please indicate this clearly in your request. Otherwise, Moxa will not be able to guarantee that your accessories will be returned.
  • Make sure that you include a printout of the RMA request form with your item when you ship it to us.
    You are responsible for any shipping charges when sending your item to Moxa. Moxa will cover any shipping charges when returning your item back to you.
  • On your shipper's invoice, be sure to write the following: "Goods with no commercial value are being returned for repair." Without this note, additional charges will be levied by customs, which you will be responsible for.
Service charges
  • Charges may be incurred for certain repairs. Moxa will charge for repairs to products whose warranty period has expired. Moxa will also charge for repairs to products if the damage resulted from acts of God, environmental or atmospheric disturbances, or other external forces through misuse, abuse, or unauthorized alteration or repair.
  • If charges will be incurred for a repair, Moxa will send a "Pro Forma Invoice" that lists all charges, and will wait for your approval before performing the repair.
  • Repair service charges will be calculated as follows:
    Total Charges = Handling + Repair + Materials
Turnaround time for repair
  • The turnaround time for diagnosis, repair, and return can vary from a few days to a few weeks. If you are in North or South America, please contact rma@moxa.com for estimated turnaround times. If a refurbished replacement product is available, it can be shipped within a few days.
Shipping of repaired items to customer
  • Repaired items will be shipped along with a "Repair Report" detailing the findings and actions taken.
  • Repaired items will be returned by priority mail. You may request a private shipping service such as UPS or DHL, but you will be responsible for any additional costs. If you require any special shipping arrangements, please indicate this clearly when shipping your item to Moxa.