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Question Shellshock Patch - Embedded Computers (RISC-based, Standard Linux from Moxa)
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Updated 9/5/2017 6:01:23 PM
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Products IA260,UC-8410,IA3341,W406,UC-8430,UC-8416,W315A/W325A,IA240,W341,IA261-I/IA262-I,W321,DA-662-I,EM-2260 Series,UC-8418,UC-7112 Plus,DA-660,DA-661,DA-663,UC-8481,UC-8100 Series

To solve the Shellshock issue on your RISC embedded computers with Standard Linux from MOXA, you need to update the Bash patch. Complete the following steps:

1. Download the Shellshock Patch Embedded Computers (RISC, Standard Linux from MOXA).zip file from the Moxa website at
2. Uncompress the ZIP file.
3. Follow the instruction in the Install section of the README.txt file for your model to update the Bash patch.

Note: The installation procedure varies depending on the RISC embedded computer model. Thus, for each model, a README.txt file and a Bash patch file are provided.

To verify that the issue has been resolved, refer to the Test section in the README.txt file for your model.

Note: Even though a separate README.txt file and patch file are provided for each RISC embedded computer model, the verification method is the same for all models.

For questions concerning our products and services, please contact MOXA Technical Service: https://www.moxa.com/support/request_support.aspx

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