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Question Why can't my NPort connect to Cisco Catalyst 6500 series Ethernet Switch (Link LED Off)?
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Updated 4/2/2008 10:12:22 AM
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Products NPort 5230 Series,NPort Express DE-211,NPort Express DE-311,NPort 5210/NPort 5230/NPort 5232 Series,NPort 5410/NPort 5430/NPort 5450 Series,NPort 5430 Series,NPort 5610/NPort 5630 Series,NE-4100T,NE-4110S,NE-4110A,CN2510 Series,CN2610/CN2650 Series,UC-7410, UC-7420,NE-4120S,NE-4120A,NPort Server Lite DE-301/302/304/331/332/334,NPort DE-311M,NE-4000T/NE-4000T-ST


The Inline Power 10/100BaseT Ethernet switching module enables the Catalyst® 6500/6000 family to suit the industry's applications by supplying 48VDC power from the data signal. But for the Ethernet Devices (e.g. NPort)which do not support the Power Over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 af), it is recommended to disable the Inline Power on the Switch port to avoid any possible problems.

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