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Question I am trying to implement the Broadcast Search function of Moxa Network Enabler directly into my User Application, but without using the Moxa Network Enabler Administrator. When using the Moxa software, I can find my NE, configure the settings, and even change the operating mode. However, when using my custom program, I can only find my NE successfully about 10% of the time.
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Updated 4/9/2008 11:30:37 AM
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Products NE-4110S,NE-4110A,NE-4120S,NE-4120A,NE-4000T/NE-4000T-ST



1. This problem occurs when trying to implement the NECI library functions within your custom user app lication.

2. Depending on the severity of not following the algorithm suggested by Moxa, you may encounter different outcomes:

2.1 Unable to change the settings of your NPort consistently.

2.2 Unable to get NPort’s Settings consistently

2.3 Unable to Save the settings of your NPort consistently


1. As with any customized programming libraries, Moxa suggests that users consult the example templates in addition to the Help file that is included.

2. The suggested algorithm is listed below:

2.1. dsc_EnumSearch --> get DS_INFO, this function includes broadcast search and search by specifying IP address.

2.2 DS_INFO --> dsc_Attach --> get DS_HANDLE

2.3. DS_HANDLE --> dsc_GetXXX to retrieve settings.

2.4. DS_HANDLE & password

--> dsc_Login
--> use dsc_SetXXX function to set new settings
--> dsc_SaveAndRestart --> go to 2.1
--> or dsc_Logout to ignore the change.

3. DS_HANDLE --> dsc_Detach --> go to 2.1

Please refer to the file C:\NESDK\Necilib\LIBRARY\NECI_SDK.chm for the algorithm suggested by Moxa.
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