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Technical FAQs
Question Moxa statement on Open SSL vulnerability CVE-2014–0160 aka Heartbleed
Question Type Security Advisory
Updated 9/5/2017 12:17:50 PM
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Moxa has verified that none of its products are impacted by the Open SSL vulnerability CVE-2014 – 0160.  Also known as Heartbleed, this vulnerability could allow data, including passwords and encryption keys, to be read from affected systems.  None of Moxa's products are impacted.

Affected Products
Moxa treats network security as a top priority to enable critical industrial infrastructure.  For advice on the possible security risks please contact our technical support team.  To date, we have not seen any incidences of this vulnerability affecting Moxa products.

All Moxa products have been verified as not impacted including:

Category Product Series
Industrial Ethernet EDS series, IKS series, ICS series, EDR series, PT series, TN series, IEX series, EOM series
Industrial Wireless AWK series, OnCell series
Serial Connectivity NPort series, MGate series, MiiNePort series, NE series
Remote Automation ioPAC series, ioLogik series
Industrial Computing DA series, UC series, IA series, MC series, MPC series, EXPC series, TC-6000 series, RNAS-1200 series, V2000 series, MAR series, W series
IP Surveillance VPort series
Software MXconfig, MXview, N-Snap, MXstudio

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