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Financial Advantage

Removing your Hidden Costs

Most users are aware of direct costs, such as device installation, startup and commissioning. Fewer users understand all the indirect costs and the opportunity costs to the enterprise. In industrial automation, if a computer fails, this can cause significant disruption to the whole manufacturing process. Even a brief period of downtime has a ripple effect that can impact productivity. Not only are the costs of computer failures substantial, but the negative effects on business processes are also often under-reported.

The Best Defense against Downtime and Data Loss

Designed for durability in critical applications, Moxa’s embedded computers are backed by a solid three or five-year warranty—significantly longer than other industrial PC (IPC) providers, who only offer a two-year warranty. In addition, the low RMA rate (under 1.5 percent) supports our confidence in the reliability of our products. The numbers represent the significant financial advantages to our end customers, who require long-term good performance. The benefits are compelling: lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and greater return on investment (ROI) over the computer's useful life. With Moxa’s industrial computers, users can eliminate costly repairs or replacements, and avoid wasting time making up for lost work.

Longer MTBF and low RMA rate

Moxa’s embedded computers undergo a forty-hour burn-in chamber test. They are designed from the outset for a longer MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). This translates to fewer parts to replace and a lower overall cost. In addition, the low RMA rate (under 1.5%) is further evidence that our devices require low maintenance, and stay that way.

Three or five-year warranty

Moxa’s embedded computers are backed by a solid three or five-year warranty, up to 150 percent more than other IPC providers, who only offer a two-year standard warranty. Moxa's longer warranties reflect our confidence in the reliability of our products, even when they are used for demanding industrial applications.

Global Reference

Monitoring and communication gateway of solar power system, USA

0.14% RMA rate

21,475 units shipped
30 RMA units

Edge communication computer for public safety application, USA

0.92% RMA rate

8,597 units shipped
79 RMA units

DNV certified navigation computer for maritime bridge ECDIS system, Europe

1.39% RMA rate

1,728 units shipped
24 RMA units


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