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Ready-to-Run Software

Ensure a Faster Time-to-Market

For industrial computing system integrators, hardware and software integration is always a time-consuming and costly task. To further boost our customers' competitiveness, and for a faster time-to-market, Moxa offers application developers a fully-featured embedded software platform: RCore. For both x86 and RISC industrial computers, Moxa RCore provides a tested OS, plus drivers, middleware, utilities, and innovative applications to help our customers reduce their software development and system integration workload. Furthermore, Moxa’s experienced software team can provide consulting services—cooperating with our valued customers to achieve success together.

Moxa Debian Compatible Operating System

To provide a more powerful, stable and flexible industrial system, Moxa has developed its own Debian compatible operating system (OS) distribution for our RISC and X86 computer series. This OS builds upon Moxa’s hardware and software integration expertise, and allows users of Moxa’s industrial computers to enjoy the benefits of Debian Linux with Moxa’s high quality computing platform to reduce user’s software development time and cost.

What is The Benefit of Moxa’s offering its own OS?

Instead of forcing customers to develop their own OS, or paying for an expensive-ready-to run commercial OS—which is unlikely to be a perfect fit for most industrial computers—Moxa offers customers its own OS, developed for its RISC computing platform. Moxa’s OS, with our own Linux kernel, drivers and utilities, is custom-designed to make the most of Moxa hardware. Thanks to strict hardware and software validation, Moxa’s OS works smoothly and reliably with Moxa’s computing platforms and other devices, helping to avoid hardware and software integration problems, and saving customers’ time, effort and money.

Why Did Moxa Choose Debian?

Global Reference

Monitoring and communication gateway of solar power system, USA

0.14% RMA rate

21,475 units shipped
30 RMA units

Edge communication computer for public safety application, USA

0.92% RMA rate

8,597 units shipped
79 RMA units

DNV certified navigation computer for maritime bridge ECDIS system, Europe

1.39% RMA rate

1,728 units shipped
24 RMA units


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