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Long-Term Durability

Absolutely Reliable in Temperature Extremes

An industrial computer’s reliability is built upon many critical factors. One of the major challenges faced by manufacturers is providing a rugged fanless computer that meets the wide temperature tolerance demands of industrial grade applications. A fanless design is desirable because it reduces size, complexity, susceptibility to dust, and wear and tear.

Moxa has a long track record of investing heavily in research and development of the high quality materials, innovative technologies, and sophisticated manufacturing facilities that are required to make fanless industrial-grade computers work reliably at extreme temperature ranges from -40 to 75°C. By combining this expertise with a rigorous testing process, Moxa has become renowned for durable, reliable products.

Strict Temperature Tolerance Verification

It’s quite common for industrial computers to be designed with the aid of chamber tests. However, Moxa takes testing one step further, to enhance our products’ reliability under a wide range of temperature conditions. Generally, manufacturers only use a Forced Convection Chamber (FCC) for thermal testing. In an FCC, a slow fan pushes heated air into the test chamber. This tends to create even temperatures throughout the chamber. It is not a bad way of testing a general-use computer’s reliability. However, in the real world, many computing applications will experience far more challenging environments. So Moxa developed the Natural Convection Chamber (NCC) testing process. The NCC is a restricted airflow environment which is closer to actual industrial scenarios. With no artificial airflow, the heat generated by the computer cannot dissipate so efficiently, so the temperature on its surface might be up to fifteen degrees higher, compared to testing in an FCC. This is more a challenging test for the device, but closer to most customers’ real environments.

By combining these two testing methodologies, FCC and NCC, Moxa provides a more reliable thermally-proven computing platform for our valued customers.

Global Reference

Monitoring and communication gateway of solar power system, USA

0.14% RMA rate

21,475 units shipped
30 RMA units

Edge communication computer for public safety application, USA

0.92% RMA rate

8,597 units shipped
79 RMA units

DNV certified navigation computer for maritime bridge ECDIS system, Europe

1.39% RMA rate

1,728 units shipped
24 RMA units


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