Deliver Success for Mission-Critical Systems
Moxa's industrial Ethernet solutions come with a comprehensive suite of industrial certifications that confirm their suitability for critical applications in harsh environments. Moxa builds industrial Ethernet solutions that merge data, voice, and video traffic into one Ethernet-basic automation solution that’s perfect for market trends and customer requirements. The converged infrastructure enhances system collaboration and productivity.
Moxa IEC 61850-3 Certified Substation Automation   IEC 61850-3 Certified Substation Automation

Moxa’s solutions and expertise has been deployed in over 300 successful substation applications. The entire line of PowerTrans switches has passed IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 certification for GOOSE compliance and zero packet loss performance. The series also supports the IEEE 1588 protocol for time accuracy, which is extremely useful for large-scale distributed power grids.

Moxa's Future proof Railway Automation   Future proof Railway Automation
Moxa's EN 50155-compliant railway solution includes a wired backbone network, a wireless wayside network, and an on-board vehicle network to support reliable communications between train, ground, and trackside. In order to deliver improved traffic safety, passenger services, and real-time operational efficiency, Moxa consolidates this railway network architecture with a broad portfolio of industrial Ethernet switches, wireless connectivity, industrial computer, IP surveillance and intelligent I/O controllers
Moxa Intelligent Transportation System   Intelligent Transportation System
Moxa creates highly efficient real-time solutions that enable network convergence and non-stop continuity to help ITS managers quickly make critical decisions on road traffic events. Combining diverse copper, fiber, wireless and PoE connectivity, Moxa's industrial networking solution delivers dynamic combinations of voice, video, and data at up to 10GbE or 1 GbE speeds. Resilient ring technology guarantees fast Ethernet recovery under 20 ms, preventing any signal transmission failures.
Moxa Reliable Mining Automation   Reliable Mining Automation

Mining facilities present a dynamic and harsh environment for both safety and communications. Moxa offers a mine-specific network infrastructure based on Ethernet standards, integrating wired and wireless connections to give maximum simplicity for network expansions and maintenance. To meet safety and communications regulations, Moxa integrates safe PoE switches and WLAN products to extend coverage in hard-to-wire areas, serving a variety of mobile technologies like Wi-Fi tags and Wi-Fi phones.

Moxa Oil & Gas Networking   Oil & Gas Networking

Moxa empowers highly successful Oil & Gas networking, composed of an industrial Gigabit Ethernet backbone and IP surveillance solutions. Customers can take advantage of improved productivity and security from information convergence and a solid network, which enables maximum uptime with extreme temperature tolerance, Gigabit fiber transmissions, H.264 streaming, and C1D2/ATEX compliance for operations in hazardous areas.

Moxa Renewable Energy Automation   Renewable Energy Automation

Moxa facilitates renewable energy automation with a large-scale Ethernet network that delivers long-term outdoor reliability and long distance Ethernet transmissions. Moxa's managed Ethernet switches support Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain redundant mechanisms to ensure your network runs non-stop. The wide selection of optical fiber switches ensures long distance communications up to 120 km, and also reduces installation and cabling costs

Moxa Edge-to-core Factory Automation   Edge-to-core Factory Automation

Moxa's large portfolio of industrial Ethernet solutions delivers the highest level of reliability for industrial network backbones from the edge to the core. The Ethernet-centric infrastructure supports EtherNet/IP, ProfiNet and IEEE 1588 industrial protocols for automation integration and management. Together with industrial Ethernet gateways, wireless connectivity, secure routers, and automation friendly management, Moxa delivers the most comprehensive network solutions for automation convergence.

Moxa Building Automation and Surveillance   Building Automation and Surveillance

Operation and security-sensitive buildings can enjoy faster and more consistent network communications thanks to Moxa's industrial Ethernet solutions. Composed of robust industrial Ethernet switches and IP-based surveillance solutions, Moxa facilitates easy and cost effective H.264 IP surveillance migration, and overcomes with all environmental challenges such as surges, vibration, overheating, extreme temperatures, network failures, and bandwidth congestion.

Moxa’s Industrial Ethernet Solutions are tailor-made to unlock automation network convergence for demanding industrial applications.


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