Professional Industrial Network Services

Moxa delivers "Reliable networks, Sincere service" through Professional industrial Network Services (PiNS).

In 25 years of developing products and delivering solutions, Moxa has found that there is no one-size-fits-all standard recipe for success in sophisticated industrial networks. PiNS was created with a core team of senior engineering staff with the professional experience and passion to provide collaborative consulting services that optimize solutions for sophisticated industrial networks.

PiNS experts know how to tailor industrial network products for your business, and how to simplify and optimize your industrial networks by using the standards, protocols, and resilient technology built into your network architecture. The global PiNS team offers detailed design and planning assistance to ensure your network can meet all requirements with optimal performance and industry-proven reliability.

Service scope
Network design and consulting

PiNS uses Ethernet IP-compliant technologies to simplify network planning and deployment in complex operations and environments.

Optimization and configuration review

The configuration review verifies the network architecture and device settings to ensure the whole plan meets requirements for operations and maintenance.

Product training

Personal product training increases in-house operational efficiency and technical capability for end-users and engineering staff.

Technical support service

PiNS offers veteran engineering services for fast and efficient application consulting and troubleshooting. Worldwide MTSC (Moxa Technical Support Certification) partners further assure immediate assistance.

Expert Solutions
Moxa is dedicated to delivering standard Ethernet integrated network infrastructure for mission critical automation applications today and tomorrow. Together with PiNS, Moxa shares 25 years of knowledge and experience in the following industries.
Process Automation
Oil & Gas

Water & Wastewater Treatment
Intelligent Transportation Systems

Highway/Urban Traffic Management
Tunnel Monitoring

Video Surveillance Network
Smart Railway/Tramway
Wayside Monitoring
Signal Network

Passenger Information Systems
Renewable Energy
Smart Grid

Moxa's Professional Industrial Networking Services