Trends and Challenges
In a world of communication and competition, automation networks now shoulder a growing workload of multiple services in increasingly complex network environments. To succeed, networks need operational and cost efficiency, which means they need cross-system collaboration and integration that consolidates industrial Ethernet devices, fieldbus network devices, and subsystems into one highly available and coordinated network. For these critical industrial networks, powerful edge-to-core communications is just the first step. To maintain reliability and continuous uptime, easy diagnostic management is also needed.
Optimized Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Moxa’s industrial Ethernet solutions are the product of over 25 years of experience and innovation in automation network convergence. Thanks to Ethernet interoperability, these industrial Ethernet solutions unify different industrial networks onto one Ethernet standard for wired, wireless and security connectivity. Converged command, data, voice, and video streams are transmitted over diverse network media across various LANs and WANs through network edge-to-core communication to achieve networking collaboration, as well as plant-to-business cross-network integration. By creating integrated network architectures, Moxa's optmized industrial Ethernet solutions achieve network convergence with the following major advantages:

Optimized Industrial Ethernet Portfolio
  Moxa's industrial Ethernet solutions portfolio includes more than 500 products to facilitate a complete edge-to-core hierarchical architecture that simplifies large, complex and dynamic network infrastructure designs for industrial automation applications. Customers can freely choose devices that provide optimum performance and scalability to adapt to any network deployment or changes.
Optimized Network Design for High Availability
Moxa's Turbo Ring, Turbo Chain, and Turbo Roaming technologies provide millisecond-speed network redundancy and support fast media recovery for non-stop networking. These industry-proven technologies give networks the highest flexibility and optimize the construction industrial networks of any scale.
Most Efficient Installation and Management
Moxa provides intuitive interfaces for industrial network deployment. MXview provides visualized network management up to 2000 nodes with diagnostic event playback and traceable configuration. The latest MXconfig software includes quick device group setup for greater efficiency.
Optimized Manufacturing Network Performance
Moxa integrates ProfiNet and EtherNet/IP technologies into industrial Ethernet switches and gateways to optimize manufacturing networks using either Allen-Bradly's or Siemens' PLC systems.
Optimized Cyber Security for Your Automation Networks
In addition to support for stand-alone and centralized security policies in industrial Ethernet switches, Moxa provides a compact and highly integrated secure router with Firewall/NAT/VPN functions for critical device protection and secure remote access.
Professional Industrial Network Services for Your Success
With 25 years of industry experience, Moxa has the know-how to design and deploy industrial networks that best fits your unique requirements. Draw upon Moxa’s consulting services to simplify and optimize your industrial networks by using the standards, protocols, and resilient technology built into your network infrastructure.
Universal Blueprints for Automation Network Architecture
Building on 25 years of product and solution expertise, Moxa's industrial Ethernet solutions create dynamic Ethernet-centric platforms on which network developers and industrial customers can deploy and implement any network infrastructure that consolidates diverse automation equipment and operations. Moxa’s solutions transform industrial network complexity into simplified, secure, and seamless connectivity that offers:

Performance: High density 10GbE/Full GbE capability for future-proof applications
Availability: Milliseconds fast resilience for non-stop operation
Security: Rigid access security across physical and virtual networks
Manageability: Easy of use from configuration, management to diagnostic maintenance
Interoperability: Versatile fieldbus technologies for automation networks collaboration
Reliability: Proven reliability for productivity and profitability
Commitments to Industrial Applications

Moxa's global partnerships is a key factor that ensures success from design to deployment. Moxa is committed to providing value-added services and reliable network solutions with ever-advancing technology. The industrial Ethernet solutions will continue to create efficient collaboration between industrial Ethernet and automation fieldbus networks. These creative innovations are designed to maximize your network performance, reliability, availability, flexibility and cost efficiency. Moxa's optimized industrial Ethernet solutions meet network requirements for any mission critical applications.

Converging complex automation networks is now easy with Moxa's optimized industrial Ethernet solutions. Have a quick view and free download of 2013 IES brochure by moving your mouse or a simple click.

Optimized Network Designs for High Availability

Efficient Installation and Management

Gigabit Cyber Security for Automation Applications

Optimized Manufacturing Network Performance