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Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Integrated Industrial Ethernet Solutions Fit any Applications

Moxa's Industrial Ethernet Solutions are specialized in automation network convergence that unifies various industrial networks with Ethernet-centric wired, wireless and security connectivity into one integrated network architecture. The solutions provide edge-to-core coverage with proven reliability, non-stop redundancy, WAN/VLAN security, plant-wide integration and visualized management.

Product Highlights


SDS-3008 Series

Industrial 8-port
smart Ethernet switches


SDS-3008 Series

AWK-1137C Series

Industrial 802.11a/b/g/n

wireless client



MXview/MXview ToGo

Industrial network management software and the mobile app for network monitoring



MGate 5118 Series

1-port CAN-J1939 to


EtherNet/IP gateways


MGate 5118  Series

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