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Industrial Design Innovations

With our determined dedication to high quality industrial-grade products, Moxa has built a name for itself as a world-class leader and trusted partner in IA/IT systems convergence. Our engineers spare no effort to pursue successful, effective solutions that fulfill the need for reliable, efficient, smartly designed industrial applications.

Industrial-strength reliability

"Industrial-grade hardware" no longer only means "made for a factory." These days, industrial solutions are being implemented everywhere: on buses, in trains, in stations, and on the roadside. It is critical that these computing, automation, and networking applications are able to cope with the often harsh conditions of these unconventional environments. When a Moxa product is guaranteed to tolerate extreme heat, vibration, or moisture, then you may rest easy knowing it will perform as promised.

Patented Mounting Bracket Shields Data Drives From Vibration & Shock

Safeguarding a data acquisition system's storage drives from the vibration and shock experienced in mobile deployments is an important challenge. With Moxa's patented asymmetric bracket design, we are able to provide a graded range of shock absorbers that ensure system compliance with various international standards for mobile applications. Our technology lengthens drive life and reduces data loss by providing a secure, sound mount point for use in highly mobile environments like buses, trains, and ships.

Balanced, Asymmetrical Design

Most computer components are fairly symmetrical, simply because symmetrical objects are easier for engineers to design, develop, and manufacture. However, symmetrical objects are also more likely to resonate, particularly when mounted in moving vehicles. An asymmetrically balanced mount point is an effective way to dampen resonant vibration, and an approach that can be easily applied to off-the-shelf hard disks to create a cost-effective yet reliable storage solution for moving vehicles.

Why do we need vibration and shock protections?

Constant vibration and shock are a fact of life in rolling stock operations. Vibration and shock resistance are crucial features for data drives deployed with onboard computers. The EN 50155 certification is a key benchmark in measuring whether a computing platform will work well on moving vehicles: it confirms that a certified computer and all its recommended components have been verified to work reliably and stably on moving trains.
Vibration tolerance during device operation:
  5–150 Hz 10 mins / axis
  [Acceleration: 1.0m/s2 rms (longitudinal / transverse / vertical)]
Vibration tolerance when device is not operating:
  5–150 Hz 5hrs / axis
  [Acceleration: 7.9 m/s2 rms (longitudinal / transverse / vertical)]
Shock tolerance:
  Half sine wave 50m / s2 30ms
  (longitudinal / transverse / vertical)

When do vibrations and shock occur? What is resonance?

Resonance occurs when an object vibrates and begins to sympathetically oscillate, thus amplifying the vibration. Motors cause vibrations across a spectrum of frequencies, so computer systems in any form of transport are certain to experience resonant agitation at some point. Because resonance intensifies and magnifies source vibrations, damping resonant responses are an important counter-measure that significantly improves device reliability and durability.

How can resonant vibrations be eliminated?

Symmetrical shapes easily resonate. With their asymmetrical design, Moxa's patented mounting brackets are an effective, passive protection against resonant vibrations.

Product Offering

TC-6110 Series
Intel Atom D525 1.8 Ghz EN 50155 Certified Railway NVR Computers
V2616 Series
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz EN 50155 Certified Railway NVR Computers
Intel Atom N270 1.6 Ghz EN 50155 Certified Railway NVR Computers
MC-4510-C23 Series
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz Marine Computers