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With our determined dedication to high, industrial-grade quality, Moxa has built a name for itself as a world-class leader and trusted partner in IA/IT systems convergence. Our engineers spare no effort to pursue successful, effective solutions that fulfill the demand for reliable, efficient, smartly designed industrial-grade solutions.


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Moxa provides carefully tailored technology solutions to a diverse range of specialized industrial markets that include railways, marine automation, power utilities, and the oil industry, to name just a few. Because of our commitement to customer satisfaction through technological innovation, Moxa works closely with industry insiders from each field to obtain domain know-how and insight into future trends, so that we may continue to offer durable, optimized, effective solutions compliant with the strictest industry standards and certifications.


Marine: ECDIS Color Calibration


Why do you need color calibration for ECDIS?


An Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is a computer-based navigation information system that complies with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations.

ECDIS is a full replacement for paper charts, instead displaying electronic navigational charts (ENC) and integrating them with information from the global positioning system (GPS) and other navigational sensors, such as radar and automatic identification systems (AIS).

To be certified as a type-approved for ECDIS, the color display must be precisely calibrated within a narrow range of accuracy. These requirements ensure that all the information shown is correct according to the IMO's definitions, guaranteeing consistency from vessel to vessel, and computer to computer.


ECDIS Type Approval

Certified ECDIS displays undergo a complex and sophisticated process. For each individual display RGB maximal values and luminance values must be measured and adjusted, then applied to a CIE to RGB conversoin. The work can only be done by experienced engineers with sophisticated tools in nearly total darkness.


What distinguishes Moxa's color calibration process?


Fine Color Precision


ECDIS requires that for any single display the color deviation (ΔC) from the benchmark CIE color table may not exceed eight units. Moxa's displays instead are calibrated the more exacting standard of four units. This translates into more consistent color rendering, at greater luminance variations, for a longer period of usage before shifts in color accuracy force a recalibration.


Universal RGB Files


Color calibration done in the traditional way involves an independent calibration for each monitor and computer pair. This can quickly add up to many hours or days of work. With Moxa's universal RGB file technology, each display comes with a predefined RGB file that includes calibration settings for all the video chipsets it might be used with. In addition, when a new RGB calibration must be undertaken, the file may be exported and then used to reset other displays from the same manufacturing run, significantly cutting maintenance costs.


Product Offering

3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i3 ECDIS Marine Computer

Intel Core™ i5 520 ECDIS Marine Computer

Intel Core™ i5 520 ECDIS Marine Computer
24-Inch Wide Screen with 16:9 Aspect Ratio Marine Display
22-Inch Intel Core 2 Duo ECDIS Panel Computer