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Industrial Design Innovations

With our determined dedication to high, industrial-grade quality, Moxa has built a name for itself as a world-class leader and trusted partner in IA/IT systems convergence. Our engineers spare no effort to pursue successful, effective solutions that fulfill the demand for reliable, efficient, smartly designed industrial-grade solutions.

Easy-to-Use Software Tool

Streamlining common, toilsome procedures with targeted software mechanisms delivers tangible relief and savings. Moxa is constantly developing software tools that accelerate our customers' time-to-market while integrating with existing infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Front-end Intelligence Click&Go Control Logic

  Moxa's patented Click&Go™ control logic is an intelligent front-end that gives local control without a need for communications with the remote host. Click&Go's intuitive IF-THEN-ELSE logic determines how the RTU or remote I/O device will respond to defined events. With its easy-to-use drop-down menus, Click&Go makes the setup of control options easier and more straightforward than ever before. With just a few mouse clicks your system will be up and running, without any compiling or a debugging. Click&Go also supports active alarms and a variety of communication interfaces that include TCP, UDP, SNMP traps, email, and CGI commands, making it extremely easy to integrate Click&Go control logic with any established system.  

Easy and Intuitive IF-THEN-ELSE Control Logic

  Since IF-THEN-ELSE statements are a fundamental part of any programming language, even an untrained engineer will be able to use Click&Go's intuitive IF-THEN-ELSE logic to quickly configure an I/O setup. As the table below shows, the current Click&Go release includes more automated event responses than ever before.  

Customer Definable Schedule

Moxa´s RTU and Remote I/O products provide a scheduler interface to help users appoint regular tasks. Technicians can easily and quickly use the scheduler to define a periodic control scheme.

Remote Action

Programmers sometimes need to trigger remote digital output based on local analog values. In the example shown here, a water level sensor was installed in a water tower. When the water level drops below a preset level, the analog signal from the sensor will be converted to a remote digital output, which triggers the pump to turn on. Although this is a relatively simple example, Click&Go can handle different set points and trigger conditions.  

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Scripts

Users can use the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) to access Moxa's I/O devices from anywhere using a simple web browser; it will even allow communication through firewalls. Software developers can use CGI commands to integrate I/O functions into their software, which is often used with IP surveillance systems. Moxa's Active Ethernet I/O products can both send out and receive CGI commands, and for this reason are compatible with surveillance devices that support CGI commands.  

Product Offering

ioLogik E2200 Series
Ethernet RTU Controller
ioLogik W5300 Series
Cellular RTU Controller
ioLogik E4200 Series
Modular Remote I/O