Innovative Solutions



Industrial Design Innovations

With our determined dedication to high, industrial-grade quality, Moxa has built a name for itself as a world-class leader and trusted partner in IA/IT systems convergence. Our engineers spare no effort to pursue successful, effective solutions that fulfill the demand for reliable, efficient, smartly designed industrial-grade solutions.

Easy-to-Use Software Tools

Streamlining common, toilsome procedures with targeted software mechanisms delivers tangible relief and savings. Moxa is constantly developing software tools that accelerate our customers' time-to-market while integrating with existing infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Push-based Active OPC Server


• Faster data collection than traditional pull technology

Moxa's patented Active OPC Server offers a non-polling architecture alongside the standard OPC protocol, giving users the alternative of active, push-based communication from Moxa's RTUs and remote I/O devices. This adaptation of push technology means that I/O status will be updated at the Active OPC Server only when there is an I/O status change, a pre-configured interval is reached, or when a request is issued by a user. In this way, metadata overhead is significantly reduced, resulting in faster I/O response times than traditional pull-based architectures.  

• One Simple Click Creates Active Tags

Moxa's RTUs, remote I/O devices, and Active OPC Servers support automatic tag generation, which eliminates the headache of specifying individual target IP addresses, I/O channels, and data formats, while even eliminating any need for editing and importing configuration files. Working from either of Moxa's ioAdmin or ioSearch utilities, users only need to select specific I/O channels, set the update criteria, and then click a single button for their active tags to be automatically generated and configured.

Revolutionary in data integrity with DA-Center


• Economize on Database Uploads

For remote data acquisition systems, software for converting and uploading data logs into the database must be tailored to each individual system. Moxa's DA-Center makes database set up for real-time data collection much easier, while also simplifying the conversion and upload of historical data into the new system. DA-Center's standard OPC interface easily integrates with Active OPC Server, bridging the data channel between field devices and the database. A tool for rendering trend charts for historical analysis is also included.  

Product Offering

ioLogik E2200 Series
Ethernet RTU Controller
ioLogik W5300 Series
Cellular RTU Controller
ioLogik E4200 Series
Modular Remote I/O
ioLogik E1200 Series
Ethernet Remote I/O