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Moxa Robust Quality System


Approaching Customer-Centric Quality with
Project Lifecycle Management (PLM)

At Moxa, we strive to deliver robust quality with long-term benefits to our valued customers. For over twenty-five years, industrial systems integrators have relied on Moxa products in industrial networking installations around the world, and clients place great trust in Moxa's products and solutions. Industrial applications place strict requirements on product functionality, usability, and reliability, and the products and applications delivered by Moxa not only meet but exceed customers' expectations. To achieve this, Moxa uses a customer-centric project lifecycle approach based on IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) to manage projects.

Moxa’s project lifecycle management aligns business and technical requirements through all four phases of the project lifecycle—Engagement, Product Development, Product Production, and Service—and uses a corporate-wide Quality Management System, which takes into account feedback from checks
and audits, to determine needed improvements and manage project lifecycles. Moxa has defined standardized processes for each phase to ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved, and to deliver robust, long-term quality to our clients.

Project Lifecycle Management


Optimizing Your Investment through Moxa’s Service

Service is the final phase of PLM. Over the years, Moxa has developed a solid after-sales process to ensure that customers receive the highest level of
support from our teams of specially trained and certified staff, and each project is designed to fit the customer’s specific needs and unique application
environment. Since all of our products and services are aligned with the lifecycle phase, we provide the right kind of support, when it’s needed, and focus
on the right goals to deliver long-term value to our clients.

Product Services

• Product Change Management System (PCMS)
  To reduce customers’ total management costs, Moxa uses a Product Change Management System (PCMS) to minimize the impact of product
  changes on customers’ applications. The PCMS, which is offered in different service levels, provides product change and discontinuance service to   customers. The Product Change Notification (PCN) includes information on major changes that may affect product form, fit, function, and quality.
  Moxa’s product discontinuance service includes a product phase-out notice to inform customers when the product enters the obsolescence phase,
  which begins immediately after the phase-out notice is issued.

• Phase-Out Process
  We keep customers up to date on how product end-of-life milestones will impact the Moxa products in their system. To this end, we have established a
  phase-out process to provide assistance in migrating to alternative products, and with ordering spare or replacement parts. In general, Moxa provides 6
  months prior notice of the affected product's phase-out date, and/or the last buy date the affected product can be ordered.

Obsolescence Management

Moxa is in the process of planning and implementing an Obsolescence Management capability to provide customers with different long service life
options. Obsolescence Management ensures that obsolescence is managed as an integral part of the design, development, production, and in-service
support stages, and minimizes cost and the impact on customers throughout a product’s lifecycle. With Obsolescence Management, Moxa takes
proactive actions, which could include design considerations, obsolescence monitoring, and lifetime buy options, and takes reactive actions, such as
design revisions, to minimize the impact of obsolescence and its potential to increase the customer’s cost.

• 5-year Warranty
  The solid 5-year warranty Moxa offers on most products is a reflection of our commitment to quality and reliability.

• RMA Service
  For fast service on product repair, Moxa offers an efficient RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) process, with product repair handled at the
  following locations:

  Los Angeles, California, USA
  Taipei, Taiwan
  Shanghai, China
  Click here to learn more about Moxa's RMA policy and process.

Technical Services

• Technical Consulting
  Moxa offers a premium technical consulting service and an extensive
  range of technical resources for technical specifications, product   installation, and system diagnosis, making it easy for customers to find   the right kind of technical and troubleshooting support. Technical support   engineers from both Moxa and Moxa’s distributors provide consistent,   professional support that is certified by the Moxa Technical Support   Certifications (MTSC) program, held annually at a central location.

  Contact Moxa technical support center

Global Services Networks

• Worldwide Headquarters
  Moxa maintains branch offices on three continents.
  • Global and Asia (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • The Americas (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Europe (Germany, France, UK)
  • China (Shanghai/Beijing/Shenzhen, China)
  • India (Bangalore, India)
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• Global Distribution Network
  Moxa's professional and experienced distributors are located in over
  70 countries around the globe. Contact a distributor