Easy Programming

Faster I/O Response

Moxa’s C-programmable RTU controllers feature the standard Linux architecture, which includes an application level, OS level, and hardware level. Building our API on top of the Linux Kernel provides faster processing of I/O controls and alarms, and compared to other C-programmable platforms, this open, front-end programming environment gives you direct and immediate access to real-time data.

Easy-to-use Toolchain

Moxa’s toolchain can handle I/O controls and alarms, communication with SCADA systems, and a wide range of network communications capabilities. The toolchain delivers maximum coding flexibility in ready-to-use SDKs, making it easy to customize user’s applications for a variety of requirements. Your engineers will be able to integrate your applications with local domains, making I/O access and control easier than ever before. For SCADA to RTU communication through cellular communiction, Moxa’s RAS (Remote Active OPC Server) API can actively transmit data collected locally by our cellular RTUs to a SCADA system, allowing your engineers to easily use cellular communication to create event-based data acquisition solutions.

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