Easy Programming

What is Click&Go?

Click&Go is Moxa's patented control logic that bridges the gap between information technology and industrial automation. With this intuitive IF-THEN-ELSE style of control logic, configuration is the only thing you will need to learn. Unlike traditional C-language or PLC ladder logic, even an untrained user can learn how to perform I/O configurations, in just a few minutes.


IF-THEN-ELSE statements are fundamental to the Click&Go programming language, and even untrained engineers can use Click&Go's intuitive IF-THEN-ELSE configuration format to finish an I/O configuration in only a few minutes.

Timer Function

Click&Go's control logic supports 24 timers, which can be used to define timers for different kinds of applications or timer counters. For example, a house security system can be programmed to activate an alarm 30 seconds after the door opens. All timer-based control systems can use this function..

Customer Definable Schedule

Users can easily and quickly use the schedule function to define a periodic control scheme to help them with their tasks.

Internal Registers

Users can cascade different control rules with internal registers and use SCADA/custom software to change it through Modbus/TCP or OPC tags.

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