Robust Design

A Wide Temperature Design You Can Trust

Moxa's data acquisition devices are designed for harsh environments. With top of the line industrial components, a metal chassis, and advanced heat-sink design, Moxa can guarantee that its data acquisition devices are extremely rugged and reliable.

  • High Design Standard: To further ensure durability, during SST testing Moxa tests at 10ºC above and below the required limits.
  • Durability Commitment: To ensure that its products are suitable for harsh environments, Moxa's wide temperature range is 5ºC above and below the required limits.
  • Extreme Environment Simulations: Moxa conducts strict, wide temperature testing with temperature increments of per minute (regulatory standards only require 1ºC per minute).
  • Intolerance to Packet Loss: Ensures that Moxa's data acquisition devices are robust.

Reliability and Durability, Guaranteed

Moxa's data acquisition devices are designed to ensure that data is always transmitted intact, which is particularly important for devices used for industrial applications, such as on moving vehicles where vibration and shock are frequent and unpredictable.

Safeguarding data acquisition devices from the effects of excessive motion and detachment is extremely important. All of Moxa's industrial-grade data acquisition devices are subjected to standard EN 50155 anti-vibration and anti-shock testing, making them ideal for rolling stock and other mobile applications (Fig. 1). There is a big difference between the protection provided by products from different companies. Moxa provides:

  • A unique and innovative RJ45 bracket design to safely secure your Ethernet cables, as well as M12 Ethernet cable connectors (Fig. 3).
  • Moxa's patented DIN rail design (Fig. 2) provides additional shock and vibration absorption.
  • A spring type terminal block (Fig. 4) provides extra support for cable connections.

Metal Chassis with Outstanding Electromagnetic Immunity

The rugged design of Moxa's industrial data acquisition devices includes excellent electromagnetic immunity that often surpasses the requirements stipulated by the EN 50121-4 and IEC 61000 standards. For example, to provide immunity against magnetic fields induced by power frequencies, Moxa designs for 300 A/m applied continuously and 1000 A/m applied for 1 to 3 second intervals, which is three times stricter than required by EN 50121-4.

Conformal Coating for Guaranteed Performance

Conformal coating on PCBs and other electronic circuitry protects components from the effects of moisture, dust, corrosion, vibration, and shock, all of which are present in harsh maritime environments. Moxa follows a standard conformal coating procedure to ensure our quality.