Robust Design

High MTBF with Low RMA Rate (longer life guaranteed)

A product is only as good as its components, and Moxa has chosen only the best. All of Moxa's data acquisition devices are designed with a high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) to ensure long-term operation. Moxa confidently guarantees the quality of its industrial data acquisition devices with a solid 3 or 5-year warranty. Moxa's products boast a longer MTBF compared with other companies, and an RMA rate under 0.5%.

Protect your IOs with Channel-to-Channel Isolation

To provide greater protection, the I/O channels on Moxa's products are isolated from one another.This unique topology helps maintain stable data communications even when one of the channels fails. For example, if a lightning strike affects one channel, the other channels on the same data acquisition product will remain unaffected and continue to transmit data. The I/O channel isolation protection feature makes Moxa’s data acquisition products ideal for railway applications, in which safety is a top priority.

Protect Your Assets with Two-Way Isolation

Moxa designed its data acquisition I/Os with 2-way isolation to provide the ultimate protection. This design helps prevent damage to other assets when one device is damaged by an unexpected high voltage. When this happens, the other devices on the network, the power supply, and even a mainframe computer connected to the device will remain unaffected and continue to work properly. Two-way isolation protection ensures customers that Moxa's data acquisition products are the best solution for any application in which safety is a top priority.

Greater Flexibility with Wide Power Input Range

Moxa's data acquisition devices support a wide range of power inputs (12/24/48 VDC), and can handle large power fluctuations. For example, the 48 VDC option can tolerate a 20% increase in voltage, and the 12 VDC option can tolerate a 20% decrease in voltage.