Seamlessly Connect to SCADA & Database

What is Active OPC?

Moxa's innovative Active OPC Server is a software package that operates as an OPC driver for HMI and SCADA systems. Active OPC server offers seamless connection between ioLogik/ioPAC products and SCADA systems, including Wonderware, Citect, and iFix, and conforms to the OPC DA 3.0 standard, which allows connections between various kinds of devices and host OPC machines.


  • Faster I/O response time
  • Event-driven tag updates
  • Patented automatic tag generation

What is DA-Center?

DA-Center is an I/O device monitoring solution that makes I/O data acquisition and analysis easier than ever before. DA-Center works with ioLogik/ioPAC series products and Active OPC Server software to convert remote I/O status to a format that can be stored in simple spreadsheets or IT databases.


  • Convert field data to ODBC compliant databases
  • Convert field data to Excel or Access spreadsheets
  • Embedded trend charts for historical analysis