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Serial-to-Ethernet Q&A 3823 KB
Industrial Ethernet Gateway Brochure 2386 KB
Advancing Device Server Brochure 3425 KB
All-in-one Switch and Serial Device Server Solution Flyer 400 KB
Complete Wide Temperature Device Server Solution Flyer 1921 KB
MiiNePort Selection Guide 857 KB
Multiport Serial Board Guidebook 2169 KB
Serial-to-Ethernet Guidebook 3961 KB
One-chip PCIe Solution Guide 286 KB
Success Story Guidebook (v.2009) 2404 KB
Success Story Guidebook (v.2008) 2075 KB

White Papers

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3 Tips for Boosting DNC Performance 840 KB
IT-Friendly Gateway for Optimizing PROFIBUS/PROFINET Automation Networks 2159 KB
Insider Tips for Optimized Industrial Gateway Performance and Management 188 KB
How to Prevent Power Surges: The Leading Cause of
Serial Device Server Failures
141 KB
Using Fiber Media Converters with Copper Networks 483 KB
Important Considerations for USB Devices in Industrial Applications 89 KB
3-way Communication for Serial-to-Fiber Media Converters 352 KB
Choosing a Multiport Serial Board for Serial Communication 33 KB
Redundant Serial-to-Ethernet Data Connections for
Mission-Critical Devices
810 KB
Expand Your Serial COMs with Optical Fiber 151 KB
Console Management—Better Network Protection for
Industrial Ethernet
137 KB
Redundancy of Terminal Servers in Automation 943 KB