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Flexible Dual RF Design Provides Safe Passenger Wi-Fi Access

Location / Country : Australia

Product Solutions:

Project Introduction

In the modern transportation market, passengers expect more than just short commute times or fast trains; a pleasant overall passenger experience is also now also a must-have in new and refurbished train services. One way to substantially improve the passenger experience is to offer wireless access points that deliver passenger infotainment data. This wireless access can be used to provide internet services or other multimedia to train
passengers. The same wireless access can also be used to establish a data connection between train carriages through an inter-carriage wireless link.

One of Europe’s largest onboard rail system integrators wanted to elevate the passenger experience on board their trains, and they needed wireless access links that would empower them to do it.

System Requirements

• Reliable inter-carriage wireless links for data connectivity
• Secured wireless access for a smooth internet browsing experience
• Compliance with EN 50155

System Diagram

Moxa Solution

Moxa’s AWK-5222-M12 dual-RF wireless device provided both a wireless hotspot and an inter-carriage wireless link in 64 new city metro trains in Australia. In this new system, passengers can use wireless internet access to check their emails or keep up with their latest news during their commute.

Two AWK-5222-M12 dual-RF 802.11a/b/g wireless AP/Bridge/Client devices are deployed in each carriage and connected to Ethernet switches. One RF on each AWK-5222 broadcasts at 2.4 GHz and provides a wireless internet access points to passengers. The other RF broadcasts at 5 GHz and acts as a point-to-point bridge between carriages, forming a wireless backbone for data connectivity. In the first carriage of each train, a 3G router attached to the wireless backbone connects the entire train to the internet.

This system protects the privacy of passengers’ internet communications thanks to the AWK-5222-M12’s built-in firewall and filtering features, which protect the wireless connections from unauthorized access.

In the railway applications, shock, vibration and electromagnetic disturbances all pose a threat to consistent wireless communications. To protect against these challenges, Moxa’s AWK-5222-M12 has a rugged design that includes anti-vibration M12 and QMA connectors which prevents connections from falling loose. In addition, EN 50155 certification confirms the AWK-5222-M12’s ability to provide reliable wireless communications in the critical operating conditions of railway applications.

Why Moxa

• Dual-RF solution: one RF used as a wireless bridge, and the other RF used as an AP for onboard wireless access
• Moxa’s firewall and filtering features provides safe Wi-Fi access for passengers
• Rugged design features, with M12/QMA connector and compliance with EN 50155


See More Real World Applications
Moxa’s solutions are deployed in major railway systems across Europe, the US, and Asia, and can be found in passenger information systems (PIS), automatic train control (ATC), automatic train operations (ATO), automatic train supervision (ATS), and CCTV systems. For more information, please click on the icon to download the railway success stories.


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