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Railway Information and IP Surveillance Systems that Promote Regional Tourism

Location / Country : Taiwan

Product Solutions:

Project Introduction
The Taiwan Railway Administration’s new Liu Jia rail line is a key link in the TRA railway grid that connects conventional trains with modern high-speed rail. Naturally, it needed to include modern passenger information and surveillance systems to match. TRA found that they were able to effectively deploy these systems by leaning on Moxa’s portfolio of comprehensive EN-50155 networking solutions. TRA used multiple Moxa products, which reliably delivered high performance to create both a dependable passenger information system and a responsive video surveillance system on a single converged network.

System Requirements
1) Single converged network for data, voice and video
2) Real-time network communication for train drivers and trackside control center
3) 3.5G cellular network connectivity
4) Network surveillance for live video and recording playback
5) EN50155 compliance

Moxa Solution

 Each train consist on the Liu-Jia line includes four train cars. Moxa outfitted each train consist with a converged network solution that is in compliance with EN 50155 standards. This Ethernet network system integrates the inter-car network and includes 3.5G connectivity to provide mobile, wide coverage telecommunication on moving trains. The on-vehicle network DVR covers multicast video streaming, recording, and storage, and delivers immediate video alerts when triggered by a video loss or other event. Moxa’s products distinguish themselves from the competition with fewer points of failure, thanks to a design that does not need to use heaters or fans to operate in a very wide temperature range.

V2426 Computer Keeps Everything in Control
The Moxa V2426 railway computer acts as the master system controller in the head car, and as a car controller in the other three train cars. Every car controller serves one car and supports six onboard LCDs that display passenger travel information, news and, advertisement. Thanks to powerful inter-connectivity and attached MxNVR-MO4 network DVRs, the V246 master controller in the head car is able to perform car-to-car control and monitor the converged data and video streams coming through TN-5510-2DSL industrial Ethernet switches set in each carriage. With a 3.5G wireless module, the V2426 also includes cellular connectivity for mobile communications. 
TN-5510 Switches Deliver High-speed Data Transmission
Video surveillance and multimedia systems need a lot of bandwidth, and fortunately the TN-5510-2DSL was on hand to deliver. This 10-port industrial Ethernet switch includes digital subscriber line (DSL) service and vibration-resistant Ethernet M12 connectors that withstand that vibrations and shock experienced aboard a fast-moving train. The TN-5510-2DSL also has redundant power inputs with a wide power input tolerance for higher reliability and reduced cabling/wiring costs.
MxNVR-MO4 DVR for Proactive Video Streaming
The standalone MxNVR-MO4 built a cost-effective network DVR solution that supports four-channel video capture, recording, and multicast video streaming for on-vehicle surveillance monitoring. Connecting to maximum of four analog cameras in each train-car, the non-PC MxNVR-MO4 supports multiple streams of video transcoding and streaming for live event viewing with a maximum frame rate of up to H.264 at 120FPS or MJPEG at 60FPS. The MxNVR-MO4 meets the EN50155 standard and safeguards video streaming and recording while the train moves. The network DVR automatically boots up and begins recording after a power recovery. Using a two-pane display, the train conductor and driver get a view of both a live feed and recorded events, to better ensure a smooth and safe journey.

Why Moxa

? -40 to 75°C operating temperature capability
? Rugged design requires no fan or heater, and consumes little power
? Vibration resistant with M12 connectors for Ethernet and power input
? EN 50155 certified for power characteristics, EMC, vibration, shock, and temperature 

Advanced recording functions
? Video recording conditions: Continuous, scheduled, event and external commands
? Auto boot-up and recording upon power recovery
? Pre-event recording with 10 seconds of MJPEG video
? Free SDK for customized surveillance platform deployment
? DynaStream™ technology adjusts frame rate in resposne to network traffic and triggered events 

See More Real World Applications

Moxa’s solutions are deployed in major railway systems across Europe, the US, and Asia, and can be found in passenger information systems (PIS), automatic train control (ATC), automatic train operations (ATO), automatic train supervision (ATS), and CCTV systems. For more information, please click on the icon to download the railway success stories.


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