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Best RTU Solution for NVR Software Venders – ioLogik E2000 Series

Location / Country : Switzerland

Product Solutions:
ioLogik E2210

Smart Ethernet Remote I/O with 12 DIs, 8 DOs

ioLogik E2212

Smart Ethernet Remote I/O with 8 DIs, 8 DOs, 4 DIOs

ioLogik E2214

Smart Ethernet Remote I/O with 6 DIs, 6 relays

ioLogik E2240

Smart Ethernet Remote I/O with 8 AIs, 2 AOs

ioLogik E2242

Smart Ethernet Remote I/O with 12 DIOs, 4 AIs

ioLogik E2260

Smart Ethernet Remote I/O with 4 DOs, 6 RTDs

ioLogik E2262

Smart Ethernet Remote I/O with 4 DOs, 8 TCs

Project Introduction

In this project, a well-known NVR software vender in the worldwide automation industry wanted to build an IP surveillance system for a stadium. The main issue was the management of the network bandwidth, which needed to handle over 300 IP cameras as well as Ethernet RTUs for some areas. In the past, the customer used a traditional distributed Ethernet RTU solution with a polling architecture. However, this architecture would cause the Ethernet RTUs to occupy more network bandwidth, leading to high network traffic.

System Requirements

- Ethernet RTUs
- Low network bandwidth
- Easy integration with NVR software

Moxa Solution

System Diagram

Moxa provided an innovative RTU solution with local intelligence that could be easily integrated with the IP surveillance system. Instead of relying on traditional serial and Ethernet I/Os, the client took advantage of intelligent RTU solutions with the following advanced functions:
CGI commands
CGI commands are often supported in IP cameras, but are rarely available for Ethernet RTUs. Moxa’s ioLogik E2000 series can send CGI commands to IP cameras. For example, if the ioLogik E2000 series detects an intrusion, it can send a CGI command to trigger an IP camera to begin recording. It can also send out alarm messages to Moxa’s Active OPC server.
Free Active OPC Server with push technology
The event-driven Active OPC Server can serve as a bridge between the ioLogik E2000 series and NVR software.
Click&Go control logic
The ioLogik E2000 series feature front-end intelligence with Click&Go control logic, which allows users to set up customized control rules and help prevent false alarms.

Why Moxa

-Report-by-exception technology for optimal network bandwidth
-Free Active OPC server for NVR software integration
-Local intelligence for preventing false alarms and extra cost