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Customized W325A-LX Computers Allow Integrators to Easily Construct an AMI System for Taipower

Location / Country : Taiwan

Product Solutions:

Project Introduction

Two system integrators built advanced Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems for Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) by using a customized version of Moxa’s W325A-LX embedded systems as the core computing system.

System Requirements

- Reliable computers for stable computing operations

- Multiple interfaces to support a variety of device connections, such as serial, GPRS, and DI/DO

- Sufficient data storage capacity

- Ready-to-run platform for communication protocol development

- Flexibility and an easy-to-customize design

Moxa Solution

Moxa's W325A-LX computers come with 2 serial ports, allowing users to connect 1 or 2 meters through the Meter Interface Unit (MIU). In addition, the DI/DO channel can connect to a sensor for system alarms once the MIU is opened. Built-in DRAM and Flash storage provide generous amounts of data storage, and the GPRS module provides long-range data communications.

Moreover, W325A-LX computers are ready-to-run with the Linux operating system, a familiar and widely understood development platform that reduces software development workload. Using this platform, programmers can easily develop protocol communications tools and quickly build a system that manages meter reading, data computing, and data communication.

Most importantly for Taipower's system integrators, Moxa's customized service can provide additional flexibility for users who need specific features. For this application, the W325A-LX computers have been customized for a variety of specific functions, such as watchdog configuration and GPRS LED signal definitions. Moxa's customization services gives users exceptional convenience, flexibility, and time-to-market in designing their systems.

Why Moxa

- Reliable and stable system operations for data reading, computing and transmission

- Many communication interfaces with serial ports, GPRS, and DI/DO channels

- DRAM and Flash provide data storage capacity

- Ready-to-run Linux platform for protocol conversion and software development

- Expert customization service available for easy and fast system deployment