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Case Study

Easy Integration of Renewable Energy Solutions Into the Power Grid

  • Application Power Grid Integration
  • Industry Power 
  • Region Australia


Newly built power utilities typically adopt IEC 61850 technology, originally designed for electrical substations. However, existing grid systems include legacy equipment with long lifespans that is only replaced when damaged or required by regulations. Consequently, a mix of legacy and new technologies coexists within the power grid. Existing substations or power grids commonly use legacy communication protocols, such as Modbus TCP, as seen in an Australian battery management system (BMS). Therefore, integrating new relays running on IEC 61850 into existing Modbus TCP BMS systems is a major challenge.

System Requirements

In a power substation, SCADA monitors power generation and consumption. However, newly purchased IEDs run the IEC61850 protocol, whereas the legacy SCADA and battery management system (BMS) run Modbus TCP. Overcoming this compatibility issue was required.

Moxa Solution

The MGate 5192 Series protocol gateway provided a seamless solution for integrating IEC 61850 with Modbus TCP. Importing the IEC 61850 CID file into the MGate enabled users to quickly retrieve relay settings and configure protocol conversions. Active read and write functions in the MGate 5192 Series facilitated testing without complete system connectivity. The MGate’s rugged design and wide temperature range ensured reliable long-term operations, even in harsh environments like sunlit cabinets. Furthermore, the gateway’s secure boot feature and support for encrypted data enabled safe conversion and transmission of information.

With the MGate 5192 Series, power grid operators can now ensure modern power grids have high availability, reliability, and security. The gateway streamlines the integration of new IEC 61850 technology into existing Modbus TCP systems, enhancing the efficiency of grid retrofitting processes. This solution not only simplifies protocol conversion but also maintains system integrity and security, crucial for the robust operations of modern power utilities.

Why Moxa

  • Easy to configure and import the relay CID file to the MGate
  • Data Tag View displays real-time value read by the MGate and allows testing write values to devices for easy communication testing
  • The rugged design and wide operating range of the MGate help withstand the impact of direct sunlight on cabinets




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